Eight Must-have Accessories For Every Content Creator

Take your creativity as far as your imagination goes. Here are eight must-have Sony accessories that will empower you to pursue your content creation goals without inhibition

by Alpha Universe Community

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As a content creator, you’ll need to gear yourself up with a repository of reliable imaging accessories to assist you on your photographic and videographic endeavours. No matter if you’re a hobbyist or a professional, Sony’s ecosystem of accessories with seamless compatibility and remarkable ease-of-use are bound to streamline your imaging process. Let’s have a look at eight must-have accessories that you simply can’t leave your studio without!


1. Microphones


Enjoy effective control over recorded audio with our cable-free and battery-free microphones. Compact and lightweight, these microphones can be connected wirelessly to your Alpha camera effortlessly via its MI Shoe for direct power and connectivity. With a variety of directivity patterns, ranging from super-directional, omni-directional and unidirectional, pick a microphone that best suits your recording needs and capture clear audio always.

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2. Shooting grips


Always recording on the move? Grab a shooting grip for effortless control of your camera while vlogging. Our shooting grips also double as mini tripods so that you can simply rest it on a tabletop and vlog yourself comfortably in front of your camera.

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3. External flashes


Let the light in with a handy external flash! Not only do they brighten scenes in tricky lighting conditions, they colour-correct ambient lighting and remove unflattering shadows so that you’ll always have clear images of your subject and their surroundings. What’s more, our flashes are designed with wireless radio control for interference free radio communication for remote shooting.

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4. Vertical grips


Are you a professional photographer who shoots handheld for long hours? Experience enhanced versatility and comfort when shooting with a vertical grip! Designed to give you a firm and secure hold of your Alpha camera, our vertical grips allow you to concentrate on composition and framing no matter if you’re holding your camera horizontally or vertically.

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5. Memory cards


Stash your precious memories safely away in our high-speed and durable CFexpress Type A and UHS-II memory cards, which are designed to supercharge your workflow with ultra-high read- and write-speeds, ensuring the seamless transfer of content from your camera to your computer.

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6. Remote commanders


Extend your control over your Alpha camera by shooting remotely with a remote commander. Enjoy comprehensive control over a distance with Bluetooth connectivity, precise button operation and clear visual feedback to indicate recording and AF status. This is a must-have for fuss-free remote shooting.

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7. Rechargeable batteries


Never run out of juice while shooting or recording again with our rechargeable battery packs, which are bound to power up your Alpha camera for hours on end. Pop a spare battery in your gear bag for extra measure before you head out for a long outdoor shoot.

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8. Carrying cases


Last but not least, you’ll want to assemble the whole crew in a handy equipment bag that you can carry everywhere. Sturdy and durable, our carrying cases are bound to keep your Alpha camera, lenses and ecosystem of Sony accessories safe while you’re on the road.

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Now that you’re all geared up and ready to conquer your creative visions, go forth and capture everything you’ve ever imagined without inhibition!

Sony's Ecosystem of Accessories - Be the Creator You Could Be

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