Capture Cinematic Video with the Alpha 7S III

by Benn TK

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Benn TK
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Sony | Capture Cinematic Video with Alpha 7S III

Benn TK is a Producer based in Melbourne, Australia. At 27 years old, he has been making incredible cinematic videos.

In this video, he’ll help you make the most out of your Sony Alpha 7S III to produce greater cinematic looking content. Discover Benn’s techniques to maximise your workflow efficiencies including some of his secret tips & tricks.

Topics he’ll cover include choosing the right gear, pre & post-production including editing, transitions and more!


0:00 – Introduction to Benn
6:16 – Planning before you shoot
10:57 – Learning how to direct people
12:23 – The quality of your footage
14:23 – Frame rates
18:27 – Ease of use
20:53 – Colour grading
40:04 – Shutter speeds
41:15 – Gear does matter
47:24 – Audio
48:37 – Quick shooting tips and transitions

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