Tavepong Pratoomwong
About Me

Tavepong Pratoomwong is an award-winning Street photography based in Bangkok, Thailand. He exhibits his works in Asia, North America and Europe. Tavepong Pratoomwong began his photography in University. After graduation, he and his friend followed the dream they had when they were in high school. That dream was to do a photo documentary and publish it in Thailand’s National Geographic magazine. After he established his own company, he had to spend most of his time on the new born business. He took photos less and less as time went by but was still interested in camera equipment. He almost stopped and never thought to return to take photos anymore. That was until the end of 2013 when his wife surprised him with a wedding anniversary gift. It was a ticket to Varanasi, India. That ticket, that trip was the turning point for him to take pictures again. After he went back to Thailand, he joined the Street Photo Thailand’s activities “365 days in 2014”. It let him go out and take photos every day since then. The result from the hard work won him many international street photography awards.


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