Sandy Wijaya
About Me

Sandy Wijaya is a self-taught photographer who began his photography career in 2001. In 2010, he joined Perhimpunan Amatir Foto, the oldest photography club in Indonesia. Sandy quite often wanders to various exotic destinations around the world especially in the Himalayas, Silk Road and Asia. He ventures on roads less travelled, in pursuit of enchanting lights and to be on the scent of one’s culture. His aspirations lead him far away from home, visiting 92 countries in many wondrous places in the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Amongst the hundreds of prestigious accolades, merits and distinctions garnered over the years, Sandy is currently an Alpha Professional Photographer with Sony Indonesia. He is a well-known international photography speaker and one of the most respectable and dedicated photography mentors in Asia with his own company, Mahacaraka—The Art of Travel, offering workshops or photography tours to various parts of the world. In the process of his work, Sandy believes that the essence of photography is creating state-of-the-art results with the utmost appreciation of an art, genuine creativity, and capturing the soul of a scene or emotion and sincerely speaking through it. Those are the fundamentals of quality that he wants to keep in his work.


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